best in ear headphones in India under 1000

Most of the time we are looking for the best headphones out of the many options available on the internet. But looking at all the options or studying them is a time-consuming task. I have already done that work for you which will definitely save you that time.

So even when buying headphones there are a lot of parameters that you may not know. But I don’t think anyone would ever think so carefully when buying headphones. Because this is not a big deal and no one would give so much time for it.

So after studying a lot of things, the 10 best in-ear headphones that I like and a lot of people like that you can buy for less than Rs.1000.


1.Sony MDR-EX150AP

best headphones under 1000

These headphones use 9mm neodymium drivers which are considered to be the lightest and strongest magnet. This is a headphone with excellent audio quality and clarity. This is the only headphone at this price with the best built.

As the frequency response of these headphones is 5 Hz to 24 kHz.This headphone responds to a very wide frequency. This means that it supports every frequency in the human audio spectrum and also gives extra response to both the low and high frequency of the human audible frequency.

these earphones come with very soft earbuds that pleases your ear and you feel soft and comfortable for hours. It also comes with a wire manager to avoid Tangling.



best headphones under 1000

Acoustically built earbuds to deliver extraordinary recurrence reaction for an improved listening involvement in satisfying beats.

Hardened steel metal earbud Results in a smaller and lightweight design of the product.

These earbuds made up of high-performance micro-speaker that produce lower distortion of audio, greater frequency response, and superior bass response and due to noise-canceling technology, you get better isolation from outside noise.

the frequency response of this earphone is 20-20000 Hz.

These earphones come with 12 months manufacturer warranty so if you face any problem you can contact brainwaves audio customer support.

The brainwavz audio is an Indian brand producing high-quality earphones for budget prices. you should also consider this option while buying best earphones under 1000 rupees

3. pTron Boom Ultima

best headphones under 1000


Ptron is a Growing brand in the field of the audio devices. It is producing the best quality in-ear headphones with high-quality sound.

This is a dual-driver earphone with stereo sound and bass.

it has an inline remote control with mic, music and call control. Dual drive ensures excellent separation of sound.

widely compatible gold plated 3.5 mm audio jack. it is durable and provides better comfort to your ears.

the best thing about this earphone is that it provides high-fidelity audio than ever, achieve the kind of clear audio the mono driver headphones cannot provide.

it comes with tangle-free cables.

This earphone will not disappoint you.

Sennheiser CX213 Earphones 

best headphones under 1000

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